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posted Jun 8, 2011, 4:51 AM by Scott Rogler

The forecast for the next few days is for extreme heat and humidity, please take time and review the recommendations from Coach Dave Rounds:

 A lot of times the kids do not drink water all day and then they head out to a hot practice. Kids bodies will not absorb more than 16 oz per hour so they should drink cold water (cold absorbs faster) smaller amount every hour. Also - in a rush to get to practice sometimes parents feed their kids microwave or quick meals which have a lot of salt. Salt hurts hydration. Fresh fruit and some light sugared drink would probably be best just before practice, then after practice a bigger meal. Also I thirst is first indication of dehydration. If they are thirsty they are dehydrated already and need water. 

Please keep in mind these tips.  We are going to have many more hot days to come in the last few weeks and we want all our players not only to be in tip top shape to finish the season off healthy and happy and having fun!   Coaches will continue to make sure that all kids are getting appropriate water breaks and also continuing to make sure that the boys remove their helmets during these breaks throughout practices. 

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