College Players

        Many Bethlehem High School lacrosse players continue playing the game in college. Below is a list of recent Bethlehem High School graduates who are currently playing or have recently graduated from playing lacrosse at the collegiate level. 

Boys College Player
    Brian O’Donnell, Nazareth College
    Matt Johnson, University of Albany 
    Dylan Eder, Nazareth College 
    Matt DiFrancisco, Providence College
    Chris Riccio, Wagner College 
    Andy Bettinger, Air Force Academy 
    James Christensen, Hudson Valley CC 
    Taylor Bastow, Hudson Valley CC

Girls College Players 

    Katie Rowan, Syracuse University 
    Halley Quillinan, Syracuse University 
    Tee Ladouceur, Syracuse University 
    Sarah Fudin, Lehigh University 
    Tess McGrath, Lehigh University 
    Emily Szelest, University of Pennsylvania 
    Mackenzie Reigel, University of Albany 
    Tricia Primomo, University of Albany 
    Cate Quinlan, Siena College 
    Lauren Wendth, Franklin & Marshall 
    Caitlin Nevins, University of Albany 
    Megan O’Donnell, Nazareth College