Welcome Letter

Dear Bethlehem Lacrosse Players and Parents,

Welcome to the 2010 Lacrosse Season!  We are looking forward to a great season this coming spring.  Thank you for being a part of our program.


BETHLEHEM LACROSSE CLUB PHILOSOPHY - The primary goal of the Bethlehem Lacrosse Club is to teach the sport of Lacrosse and provide a positive experience for each and every player.  Our club participates in the Capital District Youth Lacrosse League ("CDYLL").  Most, but not all, of our games and tournaments are scheduled with participating clubs in this league.  The web site for CDYLL is www.cdyll.com.


We have many experienced and first time players.  Our philosophy is to work with each player to improve his or her game and to compete with character and sportsmanship.  We expect each player to be respectful to officials, coaches, and other players at all times.  We recognize that the best experience is gained on the field.  Therefore, everyone plays.  


FIRST MEETINGS -        Our first meeting for all parents and players will be held this coming Sunday, April 18, 2010.  The meeting for the K-2 and 3/4 girls and boys teams will be at Elm Avenue Park (on the field adjacent to the playground) at 1:30 p.m.  The meeting for the 5/6 and 7/8 girls and boys teams will be held at 3:30 p.m. at Bethlehem High School (on the side field adjacent to the parking lot).


At these meetings, we will provide an overview of the coming season and the players will break off for separate meetings with their new teams and coaches.  Practice and game schedules also will be discussed and there will be a light practice for an hour or so afterwards.


WE NEED VOLUNTEERS - The success of our season depends in large part on parent participation.  We will need parent volunteers to handle field set up and clean up and concessions for home games and tournaments.  You will be asked next Sunday to sign up and/or confirm commitments made during registration.  Please participate!


NEW WEBSITE - We have a terrific new website.  Please visit us at www.bethlehemlacrosse.com for information and updates now and throughout the season.      




Boys at the 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 levels.

  1. Lacrosse Helmet with faceguard (No hockey or football helmets)
  2. Comfortable chin strap.
  3. Mouthguard (Must attach to faceguard)
  4. Lax shoulder pads
  5. Lax arm guards/elbow pads
  6. Lax gloves
  7. Protective cup (very important - do not forget)
  8. Lacrosse stick
  9. Rubber soled cleats

Girls at all levels.

  1. Lacrosse goggles with attached mouthpiece
  2. Lacrosse stick (Samples will be available at the first meeting)
  3. Rubber soled cleats.


All players at K-2 levels.

  1. Lacrosse goggles with attached mouthpiece
  2. Lacrosse stick (Samples will be available at the first meeting)
  3. Rubber soled cleats.


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION - If you are interested in learning more about the game and rules, there is a very useful overview on www.lacrosse-information.com.


Thanks again for being a part of our club.  We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!